October 4, 2023 Homework Preludio


From Mrs. Erika:

We had the presentation today, so this week will be a review week.
Many of the same things as Poco with some things added:

1) Posture: No slouching, feet in a V shape slightly apart, top of the head pointing to the ceiling
2) Violin Hold; out to the left side, look at scroll, tuck chin to hold the violin in place.
NEW: Magic X. Draw an X on the base knuckle of the pointer finger on the left hand (right where the finger meets the hand). Slide this along the neck of the violin while in rest position first. Then try to stick the x on to the neck of the violin while in playing position. Bonus points if the wrist is straight
3) Bow hold: Bent pinky thats is on top of the stick. Bent thumb touching the metal. Bonus points is the hand can be relaxed!

Shoulder bowing: Start from square, move to triangle shape. “Mississippi Hotdog rhythm. Always start down bow. Try to get 8 in a row

Your Turn My Turn: Assisted Bowing that we did in class. Make sure you hold their elbow and help them move the bow the right direction with the correct rhythm.

A string Concerto: independent bowing on A string, 8 Mississippi Hot Dogs in a row.

Extra Credit, for those who have played before:
Review Monkey Song and Pickle Song

Parents that are guiding fingers should be careful that the wrist stays straight (no “pizza man wrist” or “Pancake wrist”) and that the fingers are rounded, creating an arch shape.
Resources For Preludio:
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:
Bow Hand Dot Photos: Attached below


Below is your theory homework for the week:

Theory homework: Theory Book One-Page9_SharpSign

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