October 11, 2023 Homework Poco Players


From Mrs. Erika:
We are starting to get some really nice progress! Keep practicing and listening to the recordings every day. Consistency is key.
A note about Suzuki Philosophy: These classes use Suzuki pedagogy and philosophy. This means:
-early beginning
-parents involvement as the “at home teacher”
-learning in small steps
-learning with other children
-positive environment/ encouragement 
-delayed note reading, and focus on aural skills in the first years of training.
-listening ( to recordings, and in contexts such as the “String Game” and the “Higher Lower Game”)  is emphasized as an essential part of their training 
More information on the Suzuki method can be found here: https://suzukiassociation.org/about/suzuki-method/
Practice Assignment:
1) Continue to monitor the posture, violin hold, and bow hold. If your student can establish these really well now, they are setting themselves up to be able to play comfortably and learn repertoire more easily in the future. Feel free to use any of the games/activities we have used in class to assist with this
*New: Magic X: slide back in forth in rest position, then in playing position. The violin should still be held by the weight of the head
2) Shoulder Bowing. Do a few test rounds, and then try to do 8 in a row. If you are very confident, you can try to shoulder bow along with Twinkle Recordings.
3) Assisted Bowing: Use the position/strategy we did in class. It is easier if you are standing in front of your student. Left hand supports the elbow, preventing it from dropping or moving back and forth, and the other grabs the bow just above the students hand. Put weight in the bow and make sure it is tracking parallel to the bridge. The elbow should open and close.
4) A string Concerto: I am attaching an audio of the accompaniment. Wait for 4 Mississippi Hot Dogs, then pay 8 Mississippi Hot Dogs in a row on the A string.
Try this first assisted bowing only. When they seem to be getting the hang of it, you can let them try alone.
Preview Next Week: E String Concerto. Same as A string Concerto but on the E string. Change Strings by moving the entire right arm up or down in a flapping motion.
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:
Bow Hand Dot Photos: Attached below


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Theory homework: Theory Book One-Page 10_timesign

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