October11, 2023 Homework Preludio


From Mrs. Erika:
We are starting to get some really nice progress! Keep practicing and listening to the recordings every day. Consistency is key.
A note about Suzuki Philosophy: These classes use Suzuki pedagogy and philosophy. This means:
-early beginning
-parents involvement as the “at home teacher”
-learning in small steps
-learning with other children
-positive environment/ encouragement 
-delayed note reading, and focus on aural skills in the first years of training.
-listening ( to recordings, and in contexts such as the “String Game” and the “Higher Lower Game”)  is emphasized as an essential part of their training 
More information on the Suzuki method can be found here: https://suzukiassociation.org/about/suzuki-method/
 Next week we will be focusing on putting fingers down. I would like to start gearing the class towards continuing where Poco left off last year. If you are having trouble with any of the foundational concepts of violin playing, I suggest sitting in on Poco, or coming early for me to help you out before class starts/
Review all of the concepts from Poco (it is always good to review posture, violin hold, and bow hold, even if they have been mastered, it is easy for things to slide).
Next Week: We will play:
A String Concerto, E String Concerto, Monkey Song, Pickle Song.
Review these now so we can have more time for games and Twinkle 🙂
We will also start Twinkle with Mississippi Hot Dog.
A good practice routine would be:
1) Check Violin hold/posture
2) Check bow hold
3) Shoulder bow , checking that elbow joint opens and closer and bow hold is still good
4) A string concerto. Feel free to assist your child (help them drive the bow) if they are having trouble keeping it straight or putting enough weight in
5) E String Concerto
~7-10 minutes
**5-10 minute Break** (Good time for listening to the recordings, or doing non-violin music games like the clapping game or Higher/Lower Game, as well as water/bathroom)
6) Monkey Song (check that Magic X is touching the violin and the wrist is straight)
7) Pickle Song (pause between each Mississippi Hot Dog to get ready for the next thing)
8) Twinkle Review (review one part at a time if needed, and pause between each Mississippi Hot Dog to get ready for the next thing)
~7-10 minutes
Parents that are guiding fingers should be careful that the wrist stays straight (no “pizza man wrist” or “Pancake wrist”) and that the fingers are rounded, creating an arch shape.
Resources For Preludio:
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:
Bow Hand Dot Photos: Attached below


Below is your theory homework for the week:

Theory homework: Theory Book One-Page10_TimeSign

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