October 18, 2023 Homework Accelerando

Welcome Accelerando!

We are meeting at Winthrop Park from 11 am Р3pm for fun and fellowship!  See you there!


Thank you parents for coming to the parent meeting today! Your support means the world to me and it makes a world of difference for the kids as well. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of students and parents, and every week I am reminded of how in teaching you often learn much more from the students than they do from you.

I have attached the information handout below. Please take a look, I had to zoom through a lot of things since we were a little low on time. There are some FAQs which may be helpful ūüôā

Cello Party: You all get a special assignment this week! This PDF shows you how to get a C# and G# on cello (2nd finger will go where the 3rd finger normally goes and bump all of the other fingers up.) There are also some short exercises on that sheet to help you feel more confident with it.
Everyone: Everyone should also be practicing their A major Scale (lower octave for violins and violas, starting on the G string. Don’t forget your high 3s!) Practice with the “Run, Pony” Rhythm
Cripple Creek: This is sounding much better! Work on adding more dynamics, and playing louder when you have melody and softer when you do not.
Brave Fires: Big focus on 26-42 for rhythm. Try incorporating some dynamics as well!
Barcarolle: We are slowly but surely getting through this one! Keep working on 63-End for rhythms and slurs. Cellos, watch out for the C# (high2 and push the other fingers up as well). Second violins, your part at 69 is important. Practice this slowly and carefully so you can play it with confidence!
Lets also start getting 47-63 up to speed. Violas and Cellos have the important parts here, so make sure you know it well enough to play with confidence and volume!
21-47 has some of the trickiest notes of the whole piece for everyone. Find your trouble spots (e.g. places with C#, G#, D#, slurs, or tricky counting) and practice them using the method we talked about in class.
Russian Dance: Be ready to run the whole piece at tempo. Go for shorter articulations but a lot of sound.


Brave Fires:
Trepak: This is a link to the site to purchase the¬†sheet music, but you do not need to buy it. You can listen to the audio sample by clicking”listen” in the middle of the page.
 Cripple Creek:


Theory homework: Please click on the link to download and print your homework.  Students working out of All for Strings will have their own book and it is not linked here. 

Theory A: D String Notes- Violin

D String Notes- Viola

D String Notes-Cello

D String Notes- Bass

Theory B:  Off Week

Theory C: Off Week

Theory D: Off Week

Theory E: Off Week


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