October 18, 2023 Homework Preludio


We are meeting at Winthrop Park from 11 am – 3pm for fun and fellowship!  See you there!
Thank you all for coming to the parent meeting today. You all have been awesome and I am so so blessed to have such supportive parents.
One more thing about Suzuki. A big reason why he developed his philosophy was in response to seeing the horrors of WWII. He sought to create beautiful, loving human beings through music education in the next generation as part of the goal to never let something like that happen again. As a Christian and in light of current events, this resonates deeply with me, and it is truly a privilege to be part of the formation of all of your children in this way, and it is a responsibility I take very seriously. 
Continue to review posture, violin hold, and bow hold every day. Feel free to use any of the games we have done in class or to make up your own!
Your Turn My Turn Game: Play with friends, siblings, other parents. See if they can fool others into thinking they are the teacher/parent playing. Ask them to “copy your sound”
Flapping Game: Review String names and location (I suggest reviewing the Ant Song, which we will do next week as well). Then put the bow on the violin at the square. Without making a lot of noise, change strings by flapping the arm as one unit. Call out a string name and see how fast they can find it (without making a lot of noise).
Note: the lack of noise is achieved by keeping weight in the string, thus preventing it from moving around
A String and E string Concerto: Both work the same way but on different strings. Wait for 4 Mississippi Hotdogs and then play 8 in a row. If this is your first time playing violin you will need to do the assistsed version
Magic X Slides: First in rest position, then try in Playing position. Make sure they are holding the violin with their head. If they are holding hands, they will have trouble with this.
Monkey Song (for those who played last year)  Try on A String. If this is easy try it on the E string next
Pickle Song: (for those who played last year) Practice with pauses to get ready for the next thing
Twinkle: (for those who played last year and can remember it) Practice with pauses to get ready for the next thing
Parents that are guiding fingers should be careful that the wrist stays straight (no “pizza man wrist” or “Pancake wrist”) and that the fingers are rounded, creating an arch shape.
Resources For Preludio:
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:
Bow Hand Dot Photos: Attached below


Below is your theory homework for the week:

Theory homework: Theory Book One-p11_reviewsigns

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