November 8, 2023 Homework Preludio


Preludio: Listen to Twinkle Mississippi Hot Dog and Theme Every Day
Review and Refine:
Posture: Feet shoulder width apart and in V. Student should not be easy to move from their position
Violin hold: these are looking good, but double check that the violin remains out to the left side and the head it holding it, not the hands. It should not move when the bow is on the violin
Bow Hold: Bent Thumb and Pinky, and make sure the middle 2 fingers gently hug the frog
Shoulder Bowing: Keep the bow on the shoulder and put weight in the bow
A String Concerto: Play with recording, focus on starting Down bow, playing the correct rhythm, and refining the sound quality (usually they need to put more weight into the strings and keep the bow parallel to the bridge to help the sound)
E String Concerto: Same as with A string concerto
Monkey Song: Practice with pause as a warm up, then try with no pauses
Twinkle Mississippi Hot Dog: Practice first with pauses, shrink the pauses as they get better and faster at preparing for the next note.
Twinkle Theme: Start Listening to this. If the previous Twinkle is going well, they can try to do this one


Parents that are guiding fingers should be careful that the wrist stays straight (no “pizza man wrist” or “Pancake wrist”) and that the fingers are rounded, creating an arch shape.
Resources For Preludio:
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:
Bow Hand Dot Photos: Attached below


Below is your theory homework for the week:

Theory homework: Theory Book One-p13_quarternote

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