January 17, 2024 Homework Poco Players


Review Week!
A lot of us get rusty after a long break, so don’t assume something is going to be correct now just because it was before the break  🙂
Violin Hold: Make sure it is to the left, and the chin is tucked
Bow hold: Right hand, and make sure pinky and thumb are bent. Bonus points if the hand can be soft (“marshmallow hands”)
E String Concerto
A String Concerto
*start from square and open elbow joint. Don’t let the elbow move back and forth. They may need help with this initially
*play along with recording after  a few warm-up mississippi hot dogs
Assisted Fingers: Start guiding the fingers to go down on the tapes
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:



Below is your Theory Homework.  Click on the link to print!

Theory homework: THSO Theory Book 1 – page 16_Trace Half Notes

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