January 31, 2024 Homework Poco Players


Continue to review and refine violin hold and bow hold. Especially after a break, these can get rusty or even forgotten! Use any/all of the games and activities we have done in the past.

Open String Songs: Working on…
– playing only 1 string at a time (move the right elbow up and down to change the angle)
-playing Mississippi Hot Dog Rhythm steadily
-tracking the bow parallel with the bridge
-putting in enough weight
-opening and closing the right elbow to move the bow (as opposed to moving the elbow back and forth)
Monkey Song:
1) Sing and hold up fingers
2) Play on the violin with parent assisting fingers (putting them on the tapes, keep the wrist from collapsing, making sure they are still touching the magic X to the neck.
3) Parent can switch off helping with the bow and helping with the fingers and the student gets a chance to try both independently
4) Both hands independent (they make not be ready for this right away, but let them try but at least the end of the week)
Pickle Song:
Singing and holding up fingers
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:



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Theory homework: THSO Theory Book One_page 18_Drawing Whole Notes

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