February 14, 2024 Homework Poco Players


Continue to review bow hold, violin hold. Especially now that we are putting fingers down, make sure they continue to hold the violin with their head not their hands.
Review: E and A string Concerto. Work to keep the bow straight and use the forearm to move the bow, not the upper arm. Constantly review and refine tone production with them 🙂
Monkey Song: Moving a bit toward independence. I saw some parents helping move their bow while they moved their fingers, this is an excellent practice strategy!
Practice with “Ready Go” to give them time to get ready for the next note.
Pickle Song:
Sing, and play with same strategies as Monkey Song. Make sure they keep the bow glued to the string when changing from E to A.
Listen to Twinkle Variation A (Mississippi Hot Dog) this week, we will start this next week!
Pickle Song:
E- Do you Want a pickle?
E1 (F#)- Yes I want a pickle!
E-Do you want a pickle
A- On your icecream sandwich
String Crossing: Keep the weight on the bow and move the elbow up and down to change strings (looks like a see saw)
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:



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Theory homework: THSO Theory Book One_page20 – Draw Sharps

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