February 14, 2024 Homework Preludio


Review and refine bow hold, violin hold, and bow motion (parallel to bridge)
E and A String Concerto used as a warm up, and opportunity to work on tone production
Review Twinkle MHD and Twinkle Theme (esp. fast vs slow bows, as we will use this skill in Lightly Row)
Lightly Row: Listen every day! Even if you do nothing else for practice that day. I cannot emphasize enough how much this speeds up the learning process.
Also sing and shoulder bow the entire song. You might want to try this along with a recording.
Have the first two lines ready to play on the instrument next week.
(Cello fingering will replace all 2s with 3 and all 3s with 4, and switch E to A and A to D)
First two lines:
Parents that are guiding fingers should be careful that the wrist stays straight (no “pizza man wrist” or “Pancake wrist”) and that the fingers are rounded, creating an arch shape.
Resources For Preludio:
The following link has many pictures of a correct bow hold from many angles for your reference.
Suzuki Recordings:
Bow Hand Dot Photos: Attached below


Below is your theory homework for the week:

Theory homework: THSO Theory Book One-p20 -Draw Sharps

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