February 21, 2024 Homework Arioso


MPA Practice Accountability 

Please use the above link to record your practice for MPA pieces.

All of your music is on the website. Please print out and put in your music folder.


MPA is Wednesday February 28, 2024.  Please arrive at 3:45pm.


Updated information from Leon County High School host:

  • Cases will be stored in the media center this year, not the cafeteria. Our new sightreading room is adjacent to the cafeteria so I am trying to avoid noise bleeding into sightreading. When you enter Leon via the main front stairs, turn left to find the media center. There will be helpers in the lobby to guide you.
  • The warm-up room is the Orchestra room, which is in a new location.
  • The sight-reading room used to be the band room; it is now the annex.



Below is the Theory Homework. If you do not have a book, you will need to click on the link below, print out your homework, and turn it in next week.  You will have one week of theory homework and one off week, alternating.


Arioso Theory Homework: There are a few more assignments since we have a week off for Thanksgiving.

Theory A: Off Week

Theory B: Off Week

Theory C: Off Week

Theory D: Off Week

Theory E: Off Week


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