April 10, 2024 Homework Accelerando

Welcome Accelerando!


Keep practicing AND Listening to your pieces!
Bow Hold Video Violin/Viola:
Bow Hold Video Cello:
Midnight Adventure: Listen Everyday! Clap through difficult rhythms before attempting to play. Cellos practice your melody starting around 45, you all are the star of the show there, so make it confident!
Hey Fiddle Fiddle: Have all of this ready to play. Violins/violas watch out for the lifts (they look like commas ,)


Theory homework: Please click on the link to download and print your homework.  Students working out of All for Strings will have their own book and it is not linked here. 

Theory A: Drawing Intervals

Theory B: AfS I: Pp 28-29

Theory C:Fifth Lessons 24-25

Theory D: Sixth Lessons 24-25



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