Be on time. It is extremely important for all orchestra members to be on time to rehearsal. Since it is a group activity, if you are not there at the beginning, we miss the sound of your instrument until you arrive!

  1. Set up efficiently. We all love to talk to our friends when we first see them. However, please enter the rehearsal room, find your chair, and set up your music stand, music and instrument as quickly as possible.
  1. Play only when the director tells you to play. Since there are so many instruments, and they are designed to make lots of sound, string orchestra members must not play unless the director tells them to. It may seem to you that you aren’t making much noise by quietly plucking your strings or you may be just so excited that you want to play constantly, but if you are making any noise at all while the director is talking (or thinking for a moment!), you are distracting the class and making it difficult for everyone to learn and sound their best. When you first arrive and are setting up, it is appropriate to practice your music until the director begins the class. Once class has begun, however, you must only play when you are asked to.
  1. Be respectful. Listen attentively and do things cheerfully the first time you are asked. Be kind and courteous to your classmates. Take good care of any music that is entrusted to you.
  1. Play your heart out! The best thing about orchestra is getting to play together. Every person in the group is extremely important! Every time you play (when the director asks you to), put your whole self into it and play your very best.
  1. Play to the Lord. The most important person we play for (or do anything for, for that matter) is God. Use your time in String Orchestra to bring Him glory by growing, playing and learning as  much as you can. He made you, and every time you do something well, with a thankful heart, you glorify Him!